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2015年8月18日 (火)

how to calculate the others

Seen such a TV series, the title is called "two living flower", the plot is attractive, watching the first episode will never fall. A character Su Qi in drama, a figure is very sad. He like to [from the college, and because of this love, to support her through the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Her favorite stood quietly watching [playing basketball, and action, dare to speak his love to others. She moved with the real feeling [, then they can't walk together, hand in the spring and autumn Cloud Virtual Desktop, listening to the rain. But everything in the world have already arranged, love the deeper, the more the want to possess oneself of the other party. Until one day [noted yan song, and love for a long time, to expand the pursuit of song dynasty to protect her, to give her happiness, give her warm. Gradually fall in love, suki envy envy hate, and repeated blows yan song, see her as a thorn in the thorn, bully her, water behind her, can not let her many times, be defeated and flee, and at this time, [but more of Su Qi, couldn't erase her from your world.

No one can choose destiny. Who knows, what will happen tomorrow, who can predict exactly how long a person's life. One day, [ill, or terminally ill, in critical condition. Sookie often companion or so, send tea to send meal, and carrots. But she still did not forget spite yan song, oneself think love of [pay so much, very anxious to give everything to him, and [heart seems only yan song. He was sad, he silently cry, no one knows her heartache. She shed tears, run, no one to comfort, no one to love. In people's heart, she is a bad man, and no one knows her love, her bitter experience, she don't understand of sorrow.

And [her love, so hard. Always miss each other, constantly torture each other, let the other side. She thinks, all over the world are against her, even friends all have no, there's a OuYangTeng all around her, and just want to use her. In her heart only hate, she hated everything, don't like everything. So she's in a dream, can no longer out of. Her love for [, love so deep, so selfless, not drip reneex. Actually, she had too much to think, in the [world, the most can not let go is Su Qi, love her capricious, her strong love, love her persistent, love her. [after the death of her desperation, walking in the wind gaunt, lonely and sad.

When [died, she took a bunch of flowers, grieving, once all like residual dream, love the people, leave early, and without a word, a smile. No amount of good, call more, also change not to return the once beautiful. When [only last breath, want to see is yan song, rather than she, in fact, in order not to let her sad, because [the most can not let go is Su Qi. Is the world the most heartache, found their own love, love somebody else; The most sad is, saw is a touch no bottom hole, and is, as always, adhere to jump in there.

When she saw the [finally left her letter, she hate still can't put down, instead of increased, wondering . She is [people who will hurt the deepest, most can not let go office furniture. [to die than her opinions, because feel sorry to her. With so much experience, still can't walk into each other's heart. Each other sentient beings, but they could not calm down and talk seriously. Don't know how to face each other, together, the last is just a dream, to leave, will only bring sorrow, together, will only be speechless.

« deterioration of underground | トップページ | Gerald she was burying »





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« deterioration of underground | トップページ | Gerald she was burying »